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Dengue Fever (tropical disease) disambiguation[edit]

Please refer to Wikipedia:Disambiguation regarding Dengue Fever (tropical disease).

Especially Types of disambiguation

Refer to Number 3 - Primary topic" disambiguation: if one meaning is clearly predominant, it remains at "Mercury", the general title. The top of the article provides a link to the other meanings, or if there are a large number, to a page named "Mercury (disambiguation)". For example: the page Rome has a link at the top to a page named "Rome (disambiguation)" which lists other cities named Rome. The page Cream has a link to the page Cream (band) at the top.

Also, Links to disambiguation pages There is rarely any need for links directly to disambiguation pages--in most cases links should point to the article that deals with the specific meaning intended, and not to a disambiguation page. Before making a page into a disambiguation page one should first look at each page that links to it (using the "pages that link here" feature of the software) and correct the links as appropriate. Of course, the whole point of making a disambiguation page is so that accidental links made to it will make sense, so it's not a major problem if there are still links to it.

Go to Wikipedia:Disambiguation for more info..

The original Dengue fever article would be a primary topic which most users would search for; the rock band (when it becomes an article) would be a disamb link at the top of the original article. If you click on 'What links here' on the original page, you will find many other articles which link to the original article, but with the changes it now requires them to read the disamb page and click on another link to get to what they want (this is not needed!).

Please revert your changes to get the original Dengue Fever page back. Or I could do it if you wish.

Did you plan to start the rock band page? I could also do it unless you want to.

Thank you Petersam 19:16, 13 Oct 2004 (UTC)

OK. Please do. Thanks. Harry