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Doesn't getting on the article of the day mail queue serve almost exactly the same purpose of your list here? Sure, the voting system isn't as formal, but most of those article on that queue are pretty good. --User:Robert Merkel

So we vote once a week for one article, and increase that article's total by one? So in other words, since there's only Albert Einstein nominated so far, you're convinced you won't see a better article this week? That's a strong statement. :-) --KQ

--Robert - absolutely, no dispute there. This is just my little thing, participate (or not) as you see fit. KQ, I thought you would have noticed that people are free to make their own nominations. I nominated and voted for the Einstein article. Nominate and vote for your own. :)

Oh, um, no. I did not infer that. Thanks. --KQ

I liked this is idea when I came up with it. But I was also tired at the time. I now think the idea sucks and so I killed it. --MB

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